DIY: Elastic Ribbon Pen Holder

Happy Monday!  Today, I will be sharing a quick and easy Do-It-Yourself tutorial on how to create your own pen holders for your traveler's notebooks.

Before we get started, let's go over the supplies I used for this project:

Elastic Ribbon (FOE- Fold Over Elastic -  5/8 inch"
Binder clips (Mini)
Ribbon bows
Hot Glue Gun

Next we need to determine what type of pen we usually carry, or use, with our notebooks.  I typically carry around a Sharpie Fine Point pen in both my Field Notes and Regular sized notebooks.  The width of your go-to pen will determine how much elastic ribbon to attach to the binder clip.

NOTE:  It's important to accommodate for slack in your elastic ribbon.  Too much slack can cause your pen to flop around in your pen holder.  Too little slack can cause you to overstretch the elastic.  For example, if you later decide to carry around a pen with a larger barrel like a fountain pen.

STEP 1:  Align the pen you'll be using along the flat portion of your mini binder clip and wrap around the pen until you reach the base on the backside of thr binder clip.  Once you have gaged how much elastic you'll need, trim your elastic with scissors.  I like to singe the ends of my elastic with a lighter to minimum fraying.

STEP 2:  Using your hot glue gun, place a strip of hot glue on one side of your bunder clip. I recommend covering a wider surface area so your ribbon stays firmly attached.

STEP 3:  Place your elastic ribbon as flush as possible to the base of the binder clip and hold in place until the glue cools off and your ribbon has bonded.

STEP 4:  Repeat STEPS 2 & 3 with the remaining end of your elastic ribbon and the other side of the binder clip. You should now have something similar to the above photo.

STEP 5:  With your hot glue gun, attach whatever accessory you would like to one side of your binder clip.  I think Maggie Holmes bows are the perfect size for this project!

Viola!  You're done!  You now have a functioning and adorable pen holder to use with your notebooks. I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  Please comment below if you gave it a shot or if you have any questions.

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